Fallout: New Vegas Commands / Functions


ID Name Arguments
0   GameMode  
1   MenuMode Integer
2 ref. OnActivate Actor
3 ref. OnAdd Container
4 ref. OnEquip Container
5 ref. OnUnequip Container
6 ref. OnDrop Container
7 ref. SayToDone Topic
8 ref. OnHit Actor
9 ref. OnHitWith ObjectID
10 ref. OnDeath Actor
11 ref. OnMurder Actor
12 ref. OnCombatEnd  
13 ref. Unused  
14 ref. Unused2  
15 ref. OnPackageStart Package
16 ref. OnPackageDone (OnPackageEnd) Package
17 ref. ScriptEffectStart  
18 ref. ScriptEffectFinish  
19 ref. ScriptEffectUpdate  
20 ref. OnPackageChange Package
21 ref. OnLoad  
22 ref. OnMagicEffectHit Magic Effect
23 ref. OnSell Actor
24 ref. OnTrigger ObjectReferenceID
25 ref. OnStartCombat Actor
26 ref. OnTriggerEnter ObjectReferenceID
27 ref. OnTriggerLeave ObjectReferenceID
28 ref. OnActorEquip ObjectID
29 ref. OnActorUnequip ObjectID
30 ref. OnReset  
31 ref. OnOpen  
32 ref. OnClose  
33 ref. OnGrab  
34 ref. OnRelease  
35 ref. OnDestructionStageChange Integer
36 ref. OnFire  
37 ref. OnNPCActivate  

Console Commands

ID Name Arguments
256   Show (TST) Float
  Show global scripts and variables.
257 ref. ShowVars (SV)  
  Show variables on object. [player->sv]
258   ShowQuestVars (SQV) Quest
  Show quest variables. [svq QuestID]
259   ShowQuests (SQ)  
  List quests.
260   ToggleCombatStats (TCS)  
261   ToggleSafeZone (TSZ)  
  Display the television 85% safe zone.
262   ToggleAI (TAI) Actor
263   ToggleCollisionGeometry (TCG)  
  Show collision geometry.
264   ToggleMaterialGeometry (TMG)  
  Show material geometry.
265   ToggleBorders (TB)  
  Show border lines for each cell.
266   ToggleSky (TS)  
267   ToggleLeaves (TLV)  
268   ToggleWireframe (TWF)  
  Show the world as wireframe.
269   ToggleCollision (TCL)  
270   ToggleDebugText (TDT)  
  Show debug numbers on the screen.
271   ToggleMenus (TM)  
  Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots.
272   TogglePrimitives (TPR)  
273   ShowScenegraph (SSG)  
  Create a window with the full game scene graph or the scene graph of the selected reference.
274   ShowScenegraph (SFSG)  
  Create a window with the full game scene graph, open to the node corresponding to the selected reference (if any).
275   ToggleMagicStats (TMS)  
276 ref. ShowAnim (SA)  
  Show Animation and Actor status.
277   Show1stPerson (S1ST)  
  Show the 1st person Model from the 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person mode it will show both.
278   Help String, Integer
  Show this help.
279   ToggleNavMesh (TNM) Integer
  Toggle blocked display.
280   TogglePathLine (TPL) String
  Toggle path display.
281   PickRefByID (PRID) ObjectReferenceID
  Select a reference by id for the console.
282   SetLightingPasses (SLP) String
  4 (0/1) values. amb|diff|tex|spec ex: 1010
283   ToggleLODLand (TLL) String
284   SetLODObjectDistance (SLOD) Float, Float
285   SetTerminalMenuPos (STMP) Float, Float, Float, Float
286   MovePipboyKnob (MPK) Integer, Float
  move pipboy knob
287 ref. HighlightBodyPart (HBP) Float, Float, Float, Float
  highlight body part
288 ref. HighlightAdditionalReference (HAR) Float, Float, Float, Float
  highlight a reference
289 ref. DeactivateAllHighlights (DAH) Float, Float, Float, Float
  remove all VATS highlights
290   ToggleGrassUpdate (TGU)  
291   CenterOnCell (COC) String
292   SetGameSetting (SetGS) String, String
293   SetINISetting (SetINI) String, String
  "setting:category" value
294   GetINISetting (GetINI) String
295   CenterOnExterior (COE) Integer, Integer
296 ref. CalcPathToPoint (P2P)  
297 ref. CalcLowPathToPoint (LP2P) Integer, Integer, Integer
  ignore locks, allow disabled doors, ignore min use
298   SetFog Integer, Integer
  2 floats, start and end depths
299   SetClipDist Float
  float, new clip distance
300   ToggleShadowVolumes (TSV)  
301   SetImageSpaceGlow (SISG) Integer, Float, Float, Float
302   ToggleDetection (TDETECT)  
303   ToggleHighProcess (THIGHPROCESS)  
304   ToggleLowProcess (TLOWPROCESS)  
305   ToggleMiddleLowProcess (TMLOWPROCESS)  
306   ToggleMiddleHighProcess (TMHIGHPROCESS)  
307   ToggleAiSchedules (TAIS)  
308 ref. SpeakSound Filename, Emotion, EmotionValue
309   BetaComment (BC) String
  Add comment to [General] 'sBetaCommentFile' file. NOTE: select object first. [bc "This rock is too high."]
310   ToggleCellNode (TCN) Integer
  Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active
311   ToggleTrees (TT)  
  Turn trees on/off
312   Verbose (VERBOSE)  
  Toggle verbose combat/AI messages
313   ToggleGodMode (TGM)  
  Toggle God mode
314   RefreshShaders (RS)  
  Reload HLSL shaders from disk
315   ToggleScripts (TSCR)  
  Turn Script processing on/off
316   ToggleConversations (TCONV)  
  Toggle conversation stats
317   ToggleFullHelp (TFH)  
  Toggle Full Help
318   ShowQuestLog (SQL) Integer
  Show Quest Log
319   ShowFullQuestLog (SFQL) Quest
  Show all log entries for a single quest
320   DumpTexturePalette (DTP) String
  Dump texture palette contents to file param is sort type f-filename, s-size, c-count)
321   DumpModelMap (DMM) String
  Dump model map contents to file
322   CenterOnWorld (COW) WorldSpace, Cell X, Cell Y
  [COW worldname -10 5]
323   ToggleGrass (TG)  
  Toggle grass display.
324 ref. AddFaceAnimNote (AFAN) String
325   RefreshINI (REFINI)  
  Refresh INI settings from file.
326   ToggleEmotions (temo)  
  Toggle NPC facial emotions.
327   AddDecal  
328   TestCode Float
329   PlayerSpellBook (psb)  
  Add all spells to player.
330   PrintAiList (pai)  
  Printed Ai Lists.
331   ShowQuestTargets (SQT)  
  Show current quest targets
332   HairTint Integer, Integer, Integer
  3 ints, RGB
333   SaveGame (save) String, Integer
  SaveGame <filename>
334   LoadGame (load) String, Integer
  LoadGame <filename>
335   TestAllCells (TAC) Integer
  Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world)
336   RenderTestCell (rtc)  
  runs Render Test on player's current parent cell
337   RenderTestHere (rth)  
  runs Render Test on player's current position
338   SaveWorld String
  Save hkWorld <filename>
339   ReloadCurrentClimate (rcc)  
  Reloads values from the current climate
340   ReloadCurrentWeather (rcw)  
  Reloads values from the current weather
341   TestSeenData (tsd)  
  Visually displays the current seen data
342   TestLocalMap (tlm) Integer
  Simulates the local map. (1 or 0 for FOW on or off)
343   MoveToQuestTarget (movetoqt) Integer
  Move player to current quest target (optional param: target number).
344   PrintNPCDialog (pdialog)  
  Prints NPC dialog
345   ShowSubtitle Integer
  show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always)
346   ShowRenderPasses (srp)  
  display render passes for the next frame
347   FreezeRenderAccumulation (fra)  
  only re-render geometry visible during this frame
348   ToggleOcclusion (tocc)  
  toggle occlusion query for geometry
349   OutputMemContexts (omc) String
  Output Mem Context info to a file
350   OutputMemStats (oms) String
  Output Mem Stats info to a file
351   ToggleDetectionStats (tds) Actor
  Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref.
352   SetTargetRefraction (str) Float
  Sets the refractive value of the target
353   SetTargetRefractionFire (strf) Float, Int
  Sets the refractive fire value of the target
354   ToggleRefractionDebug (trd)  
  Toggles refraction debug render texture
355   ToggleCharControllerShape (TCCS)  
  Toggle char controller shape type.
356 ref. ShowHeadTrackTarget (SHeadT)  
  Show the head track target if set from look function
357   SetSkyParam (SSP) Float, Float
  Sets various values for the sky
358   SetHDRParam (SHP) Float, Float, Float, Float, Float, Float
  Sets various values for the HDR shader
359 ref. ShowPivot (SP)  
  Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference.
360   PrintHDRParam (PHP)  
  Prints current HDR settings.
361   ToggleHDRDebug (THD)  
  Toggles HDR debug textures.
362   RevertWorld (rw)  
  Revert the world
363   OutputArchiveProfile (oap) String
  Output Archive profile info to a file
364   QuitGame (qqq)  
  Exit game without going through menus.
365   SaveIniFiles (saveini)  
  Writes all the .ini files.
366   SetDebugText (sdt) String, Integer
  Sets which debug text is shown.
367   ToggleLiteBrite (tlb)  
  Toggles lite brite render mode.
368   RunMemoryPass (rmp) Integer
  Runs a cleanup memory pass
369   ResetMemContexts (rmc)  
  Reset Max Mem Contexts
370   ToggleWaterSystem (TWS)  
  Toggles the water system
371   ToggleWaterRadius (TWR)  
372   ShowWhoDetectsPlayer (SWDP)  
  Show who detects the player
373   ToggleCombatAI (tcai)  
  Toggles ALL Combat AI
374   ToggleFlyCam (tfc) Integer
  Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam).
375   ModWaterShader (mws) String, Float
  Modifies water shader settings
376   WaterShallowColor (shallow) Integer, Integer, Integer
  Modifies water shallow color
377   WaterDeepColor (deep) Integer, Integer, Integer
  Modifies water deep color
378   WaterReflectionColor (refl) Integer, Integer, Integer
  Modifies water reflection color
379   BeginTrace (bt)  
  Creates a trace file (Xenon only)
380   RunCellTest (rct) Integer
  Runs a cell test
381   StartAllQuests (saq)  
  Starts all quests
382   CompleteAllQuestStages (caqs)  
  Sets all quest stages
383   FlushNonPersistActors (Flush) Integer
  Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistant
384   ToggleFogOfWar (TFOW)  
  Turns fog of war on or off.
385   OutputLocalMapPictures (OLMP)  
  Writes out the current local map.
386   SetGamma (sg) Float
  Sets new gamma ramp.
387   WasteMemory (wm) Float
  Allocates some memory (in MB).
388   ClearAdaptedLight (cal)  
  Clears the HDR adapted light texture
389   ToggleCastShadows (tsh) Integer
390   SetHudGlowConstants (shgc) Float, Float, Float, Float
  Set parameters for HUD glow.
391   CloseFile String
392   SetTreeMipmapBias (stmb) Float, Float
  Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards.
393   SendSherlockDebugText (ssdt) String
394   DumpMenuPackingInfo (dpmi)  
  Dump menu packing information
395 ref. DamageWeapon Float
396 ref. GetWeaponHealth  
397   OutputMemStats (omsfw) String
  Output Mem Stats info to a file
398   PlayExplosion  
  Plays explosion seq in selected obj
399   SetMaxAniso Float
  Sets Depth of Field focal distance
400   SetDepthOfFieldRange (sdofr) Float
  Sets Depth of Field range
401   SetTargetDOF (stdof)  
  Sets the depth of field based on the target
402   ToggleFullScreenMotionBlur (tfsmb)  
  Toggles Full screen motion blur
403   SetMotionBlur (smb) Float
  Set the motion blur params
404   ToggleFootIK (tfik)  
  Toggles Foot IK system
405 ref. SetVel Axis, Float
  Sets Velocity on a reference
406 ref. DebugCombatPlan (dcp)  
  Debugs the combat plan on an actor
407   SetCombatActionCost (scc) String, Float
  Sets the cost on a combat action
408   ToggleCombatDebug (tcd) String
  Toggles combat debug info
409 ref. ForceGroupStrategy (fgs) String
  Forces a combat group strategy
410   TogglePathingInfoFunction (TPI)  
  Toggle pathing information.
411 ref. ShowInventory (inv)  
  Shows reference inventory
412   ResetPerformanceTimers (rpt)  
  Resets the performance timers
413   ToggleDebugDecal (TDD) Integer
  Toggle debug displays for decal creation : 0-Wireframe, 1-Solid, 2-Occlusion Query, 3-Transform
414   ToggleDecalRendering (TDR)  
  Toggle decal rendering
415   SetImageSpaceModifiersEnable (sisme) Integer
  Set imagespace modifiers enable: 0-Off, 1-On
416   SetUFOCamSpeedMult (sucsm) Float
  Set speed mult for UFO cam.
417 ref. DeleteReference (zap)  
  Deletes the specified object ref
418   ToggleTestLight (TTL) Float, Float
  Toggle test light (radius, magnitude).
419   PlaceLocationMarker (plm) X, Y, Z, Name, Color
  PlaceLocationMarker x y z (optional name) (optional color )
420   ClearLocationMarkers (clm)  
421   ToggleMultiboundCheck (mbc)  
  Toggle all Multibound check functionality
422   ToggleGrabIK (tgik)  
  Toggles Grab IK system
423   ToggleLookIK (tlik)  
  Toggles Look IK system
424   ToggleRagdollAnim (tra)  
  Toggles Ragdoll Anim system
425   AddOcclusionPlane (AOP) Float, Float
  Add Occlusion plane (x size, y size).
426   SetGlobalRadialBlur (sgrb) Float, Float, Float, Float, Float
  Set parameters for the global radial blur
427   OutputTextureUseMap (OTUM) String
  Writes out texture use map data to file.
428   ToggleVATSLight (TVL)  
  Toggle VATS Light
429   ClearScreenBlood (csb)  
  Clear screen blood
430   ScreenBloodTest (tsbTEST)  
  Toggle screen blood debugging
431   ResetDialogueFlags (rdf)  
  Debug resets SayOnce, TalkedToPc, etc.
432   ResetAllTerminals (rat)  
  Debug resets all hacked/locked terminals.
433 ref. GetActorValueInfo (GetAVInfo) Actor Value
  Get detailed an actor value info. [player.getav luck]
434   CloseAllMenus (cam)  
  Closes all open menus
435   ToggleBoundVisGeom (tbvg)  
  Toggles bound visualization for a ref
436   DebugMilesPS3 (dm3)  
  Enumerates Miles samples and streams
437   SetConsoleOuputFile (scof) String
  Sets the given file as target for console output.
438   TestRaceSexTerimnal (trst)  
  Test race/sex menu rendered terminal
439   IgnoreRenderPass (irp) Integer, Integer
  Ignore the given renderpass
440   PlayVATSCameras (pvc) String
  Play this set of VATS cameras for the next VATS playback.
441   SetTargetFalloff (stfo) Float, Float, Float, Float
  Sets the falloff of the target
442   ToggleActorMover (tam)  
  Toggles actor movement through pathing system
443   CopySaves (CopySaves) String
  Copy save games from the host machine or a memory stick (ms).
444   DrawSkeleton (das) Integer, Integer, Integer
  Enables skeleton drawing
445   ToggleEOFImageSpace (teofis)  
  Toggles end of frame imagespace effects
446   ForceFileCache (ffc)  
  Enumerates Miles samples and streams
447   DumpNiUpdates (dnu)  
  Dumps the next frame's calls to NiNode/NiAVObject::UpdateDownwardPass to NiDump*.xls (only Debug/PIX 360 builds)
448   TestDegrade Integer
  degrades the specified number of MB of textures. negative values degrade all possible. (only 360 builds)
449   ToggleDepthBias (tdb)  
  toggles depth bias for decals on or off
450   ToggleSPURenderBatch (tSPURB)  
  toggles the SPU render batch on or off
451   ToggleSPUTransformUpdate (tSPUTU)  
  toggles the SPU transform update on or off
452   ModifyFaceGen (mfg) String, Integer, Integer
  Modify FaceGen Functionality
453   ForceRSXCrash (fRSX)  
  Forces an RSX crash
454   SetEmitterParticleMax Integer
  Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by a non-master particle system emitter
455   SetMPSParticleMax Integer
  Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by master particle system emitter set
456   SetTaskThreadSleep Integer
  Sets the task thread sleep value (-1 to disable).
457   SetTaskThreadUpdateSleep Integer
  Sets the task thread update sleep value (-1 to disable).
458   EvalActorTextures (EAT)  
459 ref. EnableWeaponMod Weapon, Mod Slot
  Mods the current weapon with the slot
460   ToggleProjectileDebug (TP)  
  Show debug lines/shapes for projectiles.


ID Name Arguments
4096 ref. UnusedFunction0  
4097 ref. GetDistance ObjectReferenceID
4098 ref. AddItem ObjectID, Count, Flag
4099   SetEssential Actor Base, Integer
4100 ref. Rotate Axis, Speed
4101 ref. GetLocked  
4102 ref. GetPos Axis
4103 ref. SetPos Axis, Float
4104 ref. GetAngle Axis
4105 ref. SetAngle Axis, Float
4106 ref. GetStartingPos Axis
4107 ref. GetStartingAngle Axis
4108   GetSecondsPassed  
4109 ref. Activate ObjectReferenceID, Integer
4110 ref. GetActorValue (GetAV) Actor Value
  Get an actor value. [player.getav luck]
4111 ref. SetActorValue (SetAV) Actor Value, Amount
  Set an actor value. [player.setav luck, 75]
4112 ref. ModActorValue (ModAV) Actor Value, Amount
  Modify an actor value. [player.modav luck, -10]
4113 ref. SetAtStart  
4114   GetCurrentTime  
4115 ref. PlayGroup Animation Group, Flags
  IE: PlayGroup SEQNAME 1
4116 ref. LoopGroup Animation Group, Integer, Flags
4117 ref. SkipAnim  
4118 ref. StartCombat Actor
4119 ref. StopCombat  
4120 ref. GetScale  
4121 ref. IsMoving  
  Is the actor moving?
4122 ref. IsTurning  
  Is the actor turning?
4123 ref. GetLineOfSight (GetLOS) ObjectReferenceID
4124 ref. AddSpell Spell Item
4125 ref. RemoveSpell Spell Item
4126 ref. Cast Magic Item, ObjectReferenceID
4127   GetButtonPressed  
4128 ref. GetInSameCell ObjectReferenceID
4129 ref. Enable Integer
4130 ref. Disable Integer
4131 ref. GetDisabled  
4132   MenuMode Integer
4133 ref. PlaceAtMe ObjectID, Count, Distance, Direction
4134   PlaySound Sound, Integer
  Play a 2D sound. (Optional: 1 to indicate a system sound, 0 otherwise.
4135 ref. GetDisease  
4136 ref. GetVampire  
4137 ref. GetClothingValue  
4138 ref. SameFaction Actor
4139 ref. SameRace Actor
4140 ref. SameSex Actor
4141 ref. GetDetected Actor
4142 ref. GetDead  
4143 ref. GetItemCount ObjectID
4144 ref. GetGold  
4145 ref. GetSleeping  
4146 ref. GetTalkedToPC  
4147 ref. Say Topic, Integer, Actor Base, Integer, Integer
4148 ref. SayTo Actor, Topic, Integer, Integer
4149   GetScriptVariable ObjectReferenceID, Variable Name
4150   StartQuest Quest
4151   StopQuest Quest
4152   GetQuestRunning (GetQR) Quest
4153   SetStage Quest, Stage
4154   GetStage Quest
4155   GetStageDone Quest, Stage
4156 ref. GetFactionRankDifference Faction, Actor
4157 ref. GetAlarmed  
4158   IsRaining  
4159 ref. GetAttacked  
4160 ref. GetIsCreature  
4161 ref. GetLockLevel  
4162 ref. GetShouldAttack Actor
4163 ref. GetInCell Cell
4164 ref. GetIsClass Class
4165 ref. GetIsRace Race
4166 ref. GetIsSex Sex
4167 ref. GetInFaction Faction
4168 ref. GetIsID ObjectID
4169 ref. GetFactionRank Faction
4170   GetGlobalValue Global
4171   IsSnowing  
4172 ref. GetDisposition Actor
4173   GetRandomPercent  
4174   StreamMusic String
4175   GetQuestVariable Quest, Variable Name
4176 ref. GetLevel  
4177 ref. GetArmorRating  
4178 ref. RemoveItem ObjectID, Count, Flag
4179 ref. ModDisposition Actor, Value
4180   GetDeadCount Actor Base
4181   ShowMap Map Marker, Integer
4182 ref. StartConversation TESObjectREFR, Topic, TESObjectREFR, TESObjectREFR, Integer, Integer
  Start a conversation [Bob.StartConversation Joe, SecretTopic]
4183 ref. Drop ObjectID, Count
4184   AddTopic Topic
4185   ShowMessage Message
4186 ref. SetAlert Integer
4187 ref. GetIsAlerted  
4188 ref. Look ObjectReferenceID, Integer
4189 ref. StopLook  
4190 ref. EvaluatePackage (evp)  
4191   SendAssaultAlarm Actor, Faction
4192   EnablePlayerControls Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer
  7 optional (0/1) values. movement|pipboy|fighting|pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
4193   DisablePlayerControls Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer
  7 optional (0/1) values. movement|pipboy|fighting|pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
4194   GetPlayerControlsDisabled Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer
  7 optional (0/1) values. movement|pipboy|fighting|pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
4195 ref. GetHeadingAngle ObjectReferenceID
4196 ref. PickIdle  
4197 ref. IsWeaponOut  
4198 ref. IsTorchOut  
4199 ref. IsShieldOut  
4200 ref. CreateDetectionEvent TESObjectREFR, Integer , Integer
4201 ref. IsActionRef ObjectReferenceID
4202 ref. IsFacingUp  
4203 ref. GetKnockedState  
4204 ref. GetWeaponAnimType  
4205 ref. IsWeaponSkillType Actor Value
4206 ref. GetCurrentAIPackage  
4207 ref. IsWaiting  
4208 ref. IsIdlePlaying  
4209   CompleteQuest Quest
4210 ref. Lock Integer, Integer
4211 ref. UnLock Integer
4212 ref. GetMinorCrimeCount  
4213 ref. GetMajorCrimeCount  
4214 ref. GetActorAggroRadiusViolated  
4215 ref. GetCrimeKnown Crime Type, Criminal, Victim
4216   SetEnemy Faction, Faction, Value, Value
4217   SetAlly Faction, Faction, Value, Value
4218 ref. GetCrime Actor, Crime Type
4219 ref. IsGreetingPlayer  
4220 ref. StartMisterSandMan Actor
4221 ref. IsGuard  
4222 ref. StartCannibal Actor
4223 ref. HasBeenEaten  
4224 ref. GetFatiguePercentage (GetFatigue)  
4225   GetPCIsClass Class
4226   GetPCIsRace Race
4227   GetPCIsSex Sex
4228   GetPCInFaction Faction
4229 ref. SameFactionAsPC  
4230 ref. SameRaceAsPC  
4231 ref. SameSexAsPC  
4232 ref. GetIsReference ObjectReferenceID
4233 ref. SetFactionRank Faction, Value
4234 ref. ModFactionRank Faction, Value
4235 ref. KillActor (kill) Actor, Integer, Integer
4236 ref. ResurrectActor (resurrect) Integer
4237 ref. IsTalking  
4238 ref. GetWalkSpeed (GetWalk)  
4239 ref. GetCurrentAIProcedure  
4240 ref. GetTrespassWarningLevel  
4241 ref. IsTrespassing  
4242 ref. IsInMyOwnedCell  
4243   GetWindSpeed  
4244   GetCurrentWeatherPercent (getweatherpct)  
4245   GetIsCurrentWeather (getweather) Weather ID
4246 ref. IsContinuingPackagePCNear  
4247 ref. AddScriptPackage Package
4248 ref. RemoveScriptPackage  
4249 ref. CanHaveFlames  
4250 ref. HasFlames  
4251 ref. AddFlames  
4252 ref. RemoveFlames  
4253 ref. GetOpenState  
4254 ref. MoveToMarker (MoveTo) ObjectReferenceID, Float, Float, Float
4255 ref. GetSitting  
4256 ref. GetFurnitureMarkerID  
4257 ref. GetIsCurrentPackage Package
4258 ref. IsCurrentFurnitureRef ObjectReferenceID
4259 ref. IsCurrentFurnitureObj Furniture
4260 ref. SetSize (CSize) Float
  Shrink/Grow an actor. [player.shrink 0.0 or radius]
4261 ref. RemoveMe Container
4262 ref. DropMe  
4263   GetFactionReaction Faction, Faction
4264   SetFactionReaction Faction, Faction, Value
4265   ModFactionReaction Faction, Faction, Value
4266   GetDayOfWeek  
4267 ref. IgnoreCrime Integer
4268   GetTalkedToPCParam Actor
4269 ref. RemoveAllItems Container, Ownership Added, No Message Flag
4270   WakeUpPC Integer
4271   IsPCSleeping  
4272   IsPCAMurderer  
4273 ref. SetCombatStyle (setcs) Combat Style
4274   PlaySound3D Sound
4275   SelectPlayerSpell (spspell) Spell Item
4276 ref. GetDetectionLevel Actor
4277 ref. IsActorDetected  
4278 ref. GetEquipped ObjectID
4279 ref. Wait Package
4280 ref. StopWaiting Package
4281 ref. IsSwimming  
4282   ScriptEffectElapsedSeconds  
4283   SetCellPublicFlag (setpublic) Cell, Flag
  Set public flag on cell. [setpublic MyCell 1]
4284   GetPCSleepHours  
4285   SetPCSleepHours Integer
4286   GetAmountSoldStolen  
4287   ModAmountSoldStolen Integer
4288   GetIgnoreCrime  
4289   GetPCExpelled Faction
4290   SetPCExpelled Faction, Value
4291   GetPCFactionMurder Faction
4292   SetPCFactionMurder Faction, Value
4293   GetPCEnemyofFaction Faction
4294   SetPCEnemyofFaction Faction, Value
4295   GetPCFactionAttack Faction
4296   SetPCFactionAttack Faction, Value
4297 ref. UnusedFunction21  
4298 ref. UnusedFunction22  
4299 ref. GetDestroyed  
4300 ref. SetDestroyed Integer
4301 ref. GetActionRef (getAR)  
4302 ref. GetSelf (this)  
4303 ref. GetContainer  
4304 ref. GetForceRun  
4305 ref. SetForceRun Integer
4306 ref. GetForceSneak  
4307 ref. SetForceSneak Integer
4308   AdvancePCSkill (AdvSkill) Actor Value, Amount
4309   AdvancePCLevel (AdvLevel)  
4310 ref. HasMagicEffect Magic Effect
4311 ref. GetDefaultOpen  
  Returns 1 if this object is open by default.
4312 ref. SetDefaultOpen Integer
  A value of 1 will make the object open by default.
4313   ShowClassMenu  
4314   ShowRaceMenu  
4315 ref. GetAnimAction  
  Return the actors current anim action.
4316   ShowNameMenu  
4317 ref. SetOpenState Integer
  A value of 1 will make the object open.
4318 ref. UnusedFunction26  
4319 ref. IsSpellTarget Magic Item
4320   GetVATSMode  
4321   GetPersuasionNumber  
4322 ref. GetSandman  
4323 ref. GetCannibal  
4324   GetIsClassDefault Class
4325   GetClassDefaultMatch  
4326   GetInCellParam Cell, ObjectReferenceID
4327   SetInChargen Integer
  A value of 1 will be in chargen.
4328 ref. GetCombatTarget  
4329 ref. GetPackageTarget  
4330   ShowSpellMaking  
4331   GetVatsTargetHeight  
4332 ref. SetGhost Integer
  A value of 1 will make the NPC act as a 'ghost'.
4333 ref. GetIsGhost  
  Returns 1 if the actor is acting as a 'ghost'.
4334 ref. EquipItem (EquipObject) ObjectID, Flag, MessageFlag
4335 ref. UnequipItem (UnEquipObject) ObjectID, Flag, MessageFlag
4336 ref. SetClass Class
4337   SetUnconscious Integer
  A value of 1 will be unconscious.
4338 ref. GetUnconscious  
  Returns 1 if is unconscious.
4339   SetRestrained Integer
  A value of 1 will be restrained.
4340 ref. GetRestrained  
  Returns 1 if is restrained.
4341 ref. ForceFlee (Flee) Cell, ObjectReferenceID
  Forces a actor to flee if destination or cell is passed in uses them
4342   GetIsUsedItem ObjectID
4343   GetIsUsedItemType Form Type
4344 ref. UnusedFunction9  
4345 ref. UnusedFunction10  
4346 ref. UnusedFunction11  
4347 ref. UnusedFunction12  
4348 ref. UnusedFunction13  
4349 ref. UnusedFunction14  
4350 ref. GetIsPlayableRace  
4351 ref. GetOffersServicesNow  
4352   GetGameSetting (GetGS) String
4353 ref. StopCombatAlarmOnActor (SCAOnActor)  
4354   GetUsedItemLevel  
4355   GetUsedItemActivate  
4356   SetWeather (sw) Weather ID, Integer
  Sets the active weather to the specified type
4357 ref. ForceTakeCover (TakeCover) Actor, Value
  Forces a actor to move away from the target actor for a period of time
4358 ref. ModBarterGold Integer
4359 ref. SetBarterGold Integer
4360 ref. GetBarterGold  
4361   IsTimePassing  
4362   IsPleasant  
4363   IsCloudy  
4364   TrapUpdate  
4365   SetQuestObject Object, Integer
4366 ref. ForceActorValue (ForceAV) Actor Value, Amount
  Does modav XXX (value - getav XXX). [player.forceav luck 25]
4367   ModPCSkill (ModPCS) Actor Value, Amount
  Modify the Players Skill. [modpcs Blunt, 10]
4368   ModPCAttribute (ModPCA) Actor Value, Amount
  Modify an actor value. [modpca luck, 10]
4369   EnableFastTravel (EnableFast) Integer, Integer
4370 ref. GetArmorRatingUpperBody  
4371 ref. GetParentRef  
4372   PlayBink String, Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer
4373 ref. GetBaseActorValue (GetBaseAV) Actor Value
  Get a base actor value. [player.getbaseav luck]
4374 ref. IsOwner Owner
  get the ownership of the ref
4375 ref. SetOwnership Owner
4376 ref. IsCellOwner Cell, Owner
  get the ownership of the ref
4377   SetCellOwnership Cell, Owner
4378 ref. IsHorseStolen  
4379   SetCellFullName Cell, Message
4380 ref. SetActorFullName Message
4381 ref. IsLeftUp  
4382 ref. IsSneaking  
4383 ref. IsRunning  
4384 ref. GetFriendHit  
4385 ref. IsInCombat  
4386 ref. SetPackDuration (SPDur) Float
4387 ref. PlayMagicShaderVisuals (PMS) Effect Shader ID, Time
4388 ref. PlayMagicEffectVisuals (PME) Magic Effect, Time
4389 ref. StopMagicShaderVisuals (SMS) Effect Shader ID
4390 ref. StopMagicEffectVisuals (SME) Magic Effect
4391   ResetInterior Cell
4392 ref. IsAnimPlaying Animation Group
4393 ref. SetActorAlpha (SAA) Float
4394 ref. EnableLinkedPathPoints  
4395 ref. DisableLinkedPathPoints  
4396 ref. IsInInterior  
4397   ForceWeather (fw) Weather ID, Integer
  Forces the active weather to the specified type, without transition.
4398 ref. ToggleActorsAI  
4399 ref. IsActorsAIOff  
4400 ref. IsWaterObject  
  Water condition used for drinking animation.
4401 ref. UnusedFunction15  
4402 ref. IsActorUsingATorch  
4403 ref. SetLevel Integer, Integer, Integer, Integer
4404 ref. ResetFallDamageTimer  
4405   IsXBox  
4406 ref. GetInWorldspace WorldSpace
4407   ModPCMiscStat (ModPCMS) Miscellaneous Stat, Integer
4408   GetPCMiscStat (GetPCMS) Miscellaneous Stat
4409 ref. IsActorEvil  
4410 ref. IsActorAVictim  
4411   GetTotalPersuasionNumber  
4412 ref. SetScale Float
  Set the scale of an object
4413 ref. ModScale Float
  Modify the scale of an object
4414   GetIdleDoneOnce  
4415   KillAllActors (killall) Actor
4416 ref. GetNoRumors  
4417 ref. SetNoRumors Integer
4418 ref. Dispel Magic Item
4419   WhichServiceMenu  
4420   TriggerHitShader (ths) Float
4421   FunctionUnused16  
4422   Reset3DState  
4423 ref. IsRidingHorse  
4424 ref. DispelAllSpells  
4425 ref. UnusedFunction17  
4426   AddAchievement Integer
4427 ref. DuplicateAllItems Container, Ownership Added
4428 ref. IsInDangerousWater  
4429   EssentialDeathReload String
4430   SetShowQuestItems Integer
4431 ref. DuplicateNPCStats Actor
4432 ref. ResetHealth  
4433 ref. SetIgnoreFriendlyHits (sifh) Integer
  Set whether an actor should ignore friendly hits (0-no, 1-yes)
4434 ref. GetIgnoreFriendlyHits (gifh)  
  See if an actor is ignoring friendly hits
4435 ref. IsPlayersLastRiddenHorse  
4436 ref. SetActorRefraction (sar) Float
4437 ref. SetItemValue Integer
4438   SetRigidBodyMass Float
4439 ref. ShowViewerStrings (svs)  
4440   ReleaseWeatherOverride (rwo)  
4441   SetAllReachable Integer
4442   SetAllVisible Integer
4443   SetNoAvoidance Integer
4444 ref. SendTrespassAlarm Actor
4445   SetSceneIsComplex Integer
4446   Autosave  
4447   StartMasterFileSeekData  
4448   DumpMasterFileSeekData  
4449 ref. IsActor  
4450 ref. IsEssential  
4451 ref. PreloadMagicEffect Magic Effect
4452   ShowDialogSubtitles Integer
4453 ref. UnusedFunction27  
4454   IsPlayerMovingIntoNewSpace  
4455 ref. UnusedFunction28  
4456 ref. UnusedFunction29  
4457 ref. GetTimeDead  
4458   GetPlayerHasLastRiddenHorse  
4459 ref. GetLinkedRef  
4460 ref. DamageObject (do) Float
4461 ref. IsChild  
4462 ref. UnusedFunction1  
4463   GetLastPlayerAction  
4464   IsPlayerActionActive Integer
4465 ref. SetTalkingActivatorActor Actor
4466 ref. IsTalkingActivatorActor Actor
4467 ref. ShowBarterMenu (sbm) Integer
4468 ref. IsInList Form List
4469 ref. UnusedFunction18  
4470 ref. AddPerk Perk, Alt
4471   RewardXP Integer
4472   ShowHackingMiniGame (shmg)  
4473   ShowSurgeryMenu (ssmg)  
4474   ShowRepairMenu (srm)  
4475 ref. FunctionUnused19 (unused)  
4476   AddNote (AN) Note
4477   RemoveNote (RN) Note
4478   GetHasNote (GetN) Note
4479 ref. AddToFaction (Addfac) Faction, Value
4480 ref. RemoveFromFaction (Removefac) Faction
4481 ref. DamageActorValue (DamageAV) Actor Value, Amount
  Damage an actor value.
4482 ref. RestoreActorValue (RestoreAV) Actor Value, Amount
  Restore an actor value.
4483   TriggerHUDShudder (hudsh) Float, Float, Float, Float
  Trigger shudder effect on HUD. Params=Intensity/Duration.
4484 ref. SetDisposition (SetDisp) Actor, Value
  Sets the dispostion with modifiers
4485   ShowComputersInterface (sci)  
4486   SetGlobalTimeMultiplier (sgtm) Float, Integer
4487 ref. GetHitLocation  
  What BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM was hit. -1 = none, 0 = torso, ...
4488   IsPC1stPerson (pc1st)  
  Is the player playing in 1st person mode?
4489   PurgeCellBuffers (pcb)  
  Forcibly unloads all unattached cells in cell buffers.
4490 ref. PushActorAway ObjectReferenceID, Integer
4491 ref. SetActorsAI Integer
4492 ref. ClearOwnership  
4493 ref. GetCauseofDeath  
  What killed the actor
4494 ref. IsLimbGone Integer
  Is BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM been dismembered
4495 ref. IsWeaponInList Form List
  Is the current weapon in the form list
4496 ref. PlayIdle String
  Play this idle on the current actor.
4497   ApplyImageSpaceModifier (imod) Imagespace Modifier ID, Float
  Adds an imagespace modifier to the active list
4498   RemoveImageSpaceModifier (rimod) Imagespace Modifier ID, Float
  Removes an imagespace modifier from the active list
4499 ref. HasFriendDisposition  
4500 ref. FunctionUnused20  
4501 ref. FriendDispositionBoost  
4502   SetCellImageSpace Cell, ImageSpace
4503   ShowChargenMenu (scgm)  
4504   GetVATSValue Integer, Integer
4505 ref. IsKiller Actor
4506 ref. IsKillerObject Form List
4507   GetFactionCombatReaction Faction, Faction
4508 ref. UseWeapon Weapon, Location, Target, NumAttacks, CrouchToReload, HoldFire, AlwaysHit, DoNoDamage, TargetLocation
4509 ref. EvaluateSpellConditions (esc)  
4510   ToggleMotionBlur (tmb)  
  Toggle Motion Blur for the selected reference
4511 ref. Exists ObjectReferenceID
4512 ref. GetGroupMemberCount  
4513 ref. GetGroupTargetCount  
4514   SetObjectiveCompleted Quest, ObjectiveIndex, State
  Set objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On
4515   SetObjectiveDisplayed Quest, ObjectiveIndex, State
  Set objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On
4516   GetObjectiveCompleted Quest, ObjectiveIndex
  Get objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On
4517   GetObjectiveDisplayed Quest, ObjectiveIndex
  Get objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On
4518   SetImageSpace ImageSpace
4519   PipboyRadio (prad) String, ObjectReferenceID
  Control the Pipboy radio. Enable, Disable, Tune
4520 ref. RemovePerk Perk, Alt
4521 ref. DisableAllActors (DisAA)  
4522 ref. GetIsFormType String
4523 ref. GetIsVoiceType VoiceType
4524 ref. GetPlantedExplosive  
4525   CompleteAllObjectives Quest
  Complete all of a quest's objectives
4526 ref. IsActorTalkingThroughActivator  
4527 ref. GetHealthPercentage  
4528   SetAudioMultithreading (SAM) Integer
4529 ref. GetIsObjectType Form Type
4530   ShowChargenMenuParams (scgmp) Integer, Integer, Integer
4531 ref. GetDialogueEmotion  
4532 ref. GetDialogueEmotionValue  
4533   ExitGame (exit)  
4534 ref. GetIsCreatureType Integer
4535 ref. SetMerchantContainer ObjectReferenceID
4536 ref. RemoveMerchantContainer  
4537   ShowWarning String
4538 ref. EnterTrigger ObjectReferenceID
4539 ref. MarkForDelete  
4540 ref. AddItemHealthPercent ObjectID, Count, Health Percent, Flag
4541 ref. PlaceAtMeHealthPercent ObjectID, Health Percent, Count, Distance, Direction
4542 ref. GetInZone EncounterZone
4543   DisableNavMesh String
  Disable navmesh by FormID
4544   EnableNavMesh String
  Enable navmesh by FormID
4545 ref. HasPerk Perk, Alt
4546 ref. GetFactionRelation Actor
4547 ref. IsLastIdlePlayed Idle Form
4548   SetNPCRadio (snr) Integer, ObjectReferenceID
  Enable/Disable NPC radio playback: 0-Off, 1-On
4549 ref. SetPlayerTeammate Integer
4550 ref. GetPlayerTeammate  
4551   GetPlayerTeammateCount  
4552 ref. OpenTeammateContainer Integer
4553   ClearFactionPlayerEnemyFlag Faction
4554 ref. ClearActorsFactionsPlayerEnemyFlag  
4555 ref. GetActorCrimePlayerEnemy  
4556 ref. GetActorFactionPlayerEnemy  
4557   SetPlayerTagSkill Actor Value, Amount
4558   IsPlayerTagSkill Actor Value
4559   GetPlayerGrabbedRef  
4560   IsPlayerGrabbedRef TESObjectREFR
4561   PlaceLeveledActorAtMe ObjectID, LevelModifier, ForcedZone
4562 ref. UnusedFunction  
4563   ShowLockpickMenu (slpm) Integer
4564 ref. GetBroadcastState  
4565 ref. SetBroadcastState Integer
4566 ref. StartRadioConversation Topic
4567 ref. GetDestructionStage  
4568 ref. ClearDestruction  
4569 ref. CastImmediateOnSelf (cios) Magic Item
4570 ref. GetIsAlignment Alignment
4571   ResetQuest Quest
4572   SetQuestDelay Quest, Float
4573   ForceActiveQuest Quest
4574 ref. GetThreatRatio Actor
4575 ref. MatchFaceGeometry Actor, Value
4576 ref. GetIsUsedItemEquipType EquipType
4577   GetPlayerName  
4578 ref. FireWeapon Weapon
4579   ShowTutorialMenu Message
4580 ref. AgeRace Integer
4581 ref. MatchRace Actor
4582   SetPCYoung Integer
4583   SexChange Sex, Integer
4584   ShowSPECIALBookMenu (ssbm)  
4585 ref. GetConcussed  
4586   SetZoneRespawns EncounterZone, Integer
4587 ref. SetVATSTarget Integer
4588 ref. GetMapMarkerVisible  
4589 ref. ResetInventory  
4590   ShowSPECIALBookMenuParams (ssbmp) Integer
4591 ref. GetPermanentActorValue (GetPermAV) Actor Value
  Get an actor value ignoring temporary modifiers. [player.getav luck]
4592 ref. GetKillingBlowLimb  
  Which BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM received the killing blow
4593   ShowBarberMenu  
4594   ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu  
4595   TriggerLODApocalypse  
4596 ref. GetWeaponHealthPerc  
4597 ref. SetWeaponHealthPerc Float
4598 ref. ModWeaponHealthPerc Float
4599 ref. GetRadiationLevel  
4600   ShowAllMapMarkers (tmm) Integer, Integer, Integer
  Shows/hides map markers (1 shows, 0 hides)(1 travel(default), 0 no travel)(1 all, 0 all but hidden(default)).
4601   ShowChargenMenuModValues (scgmod) Integer, Integer, Integer
4602 ref. ResetAI  
4603   SetRumble Float, Float, Float
  Creates rumble in the controller (left motor) (right motor) (duration)
4604   SetNoActivationSound Sound
  Set the sound to play when activation fails (Sound)
4605   ClearNoActivationSound  
  Clear the activation failure sound
4606 ref. GetLastHitCritical  
4607   PlayMusic Music
4608   SetLocationSpecificLoadScreensOnly Integer
4609   ResetPipboyManager  
4610   SetPCToddler Integer
4611 ref. IsCombatTarget Actor
4612   RewardKarma Integer
4613   TriggerScreenBlood (tsb) Integer
  Trigger screen blood
4614 ref. GetVATSRightAreaFree TESObjectREFR
4615 ref. GetVATSLeftAreaFree TESObjectREFR
4616 ref. GetVATSBackAreaFree TESObjectREFR
4617 ref. GetVATSFrontAreaFree TESObjectREFR
4618 ref. GetIsLockBroken  
4619   IsPS3  
4620   IsWin32  
4621 ref. GetVATSRightTargetVisible TESObjectREFR
4622 ref. GetVATSLeftTargetVisible TESObjectREFR
4623 ref. GetVATSBackTargetVisible TESObjectREFR
4624 ref. GetVATSFrontTargetVisible TESObjectREFR
4625 ref. AttachAshPile Integer
4626 ref. SetCriticalStage CriticalStage
4627 ref. IsInCriticalStage CriticalStage
4628 ref. RemoveFromAllFactions  
4629   GetXPForNextLevel  
4630   ShowLockpickMenuDebug (slpmd) Integer
4631   ForceSave  
4632   SetSPECIALPoints Integer
4633   AddSPECIALPoints Integer
4634   SetTagSkills Integer, Integer
4635   AddTagSkills Integer
4636   Sin Float, Int
4637   Cos Float, Int
4638   Tan Float, Int
4639   Sqrt Float
4640   Log Float, Float
4641   Abs Float
4642   GetQuestCompleted (GetQC) Quest
4643   ForceTerminalBack  
4644   PipBoyRadioOff  
4645   AutoDisplayObjectives Integer
4646   IsGoreDisabled  
4647   FadeSFX (FSFX) Float
4648 ref. SetMinimalUse Integer
4649   SetPCCanUsePowerArmor Integer
4650   ShowQuestStages (SQS) Quest
4651 ref. GetSpellUsageNum Magic Item
4652   ForceRadioStationUpdate (FRSU)  
4653   GetActorsInHigh  
4654   HasLoaded3D  
4655   DisableAllMines  
4656   SetLastExtDoorActivated ObjectReferenceID
4657   KillQuestUpdates (KQU)  
4658   IsImageSpaceActive Imagespace Modifier ID
4659   AddFormToFormList Form List, Any Form
4660   AddNPCToLeveledList Leveled Character, NPC or Leveled Character, Level
4661   AddCreatureToLeveledList Leveled Creature, Creature or Leveled Creature, Level
4662   AddItemToLeveledList Leveled Item, Object ID, Level, Count, Health Percent
4663   RemapWaterType Form, Form
4664   SetReputation Reputation, Int, Float
4665   AddReputation Reputation, Int, Int
4666   RemoveReputation Reputation, Int, Int
4667   AddReputationExact Reputation, Int, Float
4668   RemoveReputationExact Reputation, Int, Float
4669   GetReputation Reputation, Int
4670   GetReputationPct Reputation, Int
4671   GetReputationThreshold Reputation, Int
4672   TriggerScreenSplatter (tssp) Integer, Float, Float, Float
  Trigger screen splatter
4673   ClearScreenSplatter (cssp)  
  Clear screen splatter
4674   SetScreenSplatterTexture (sspt) String, Int
  Set screen splatter texture
4675   SetScreenSplatterFade (sspf) Float, Int
  Set screen splatter fade time
4676   ShowLoveTesterMenu (sltm)  
4677   ShowLoveTesterMenuParams (sltmp) Integer
4678   SetCameraFOV (FOV) Float, Float
  Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75
4679   ShowTraitSelectMenu (stsm)  
4680   SetSecuritronExpression (setsecexp) ObjectReferenceID, String, String
4681 ref. RemoveAllTypedItems Container, Ownership Added, No Message Flag, Type, Holdout List
4682 ref. IsHardcore  
4683 ref. SetHardcore Integer
4684   ToggleDemigodMode (TDM)  
4685 ref. DetonatePlacedExplosives (dpe)  
4686 ref. GetOwnerLastTarget (golt)  
4687 ref. MoveToMarkerWithFade (MoveToFade) ObjectReferenceID, Float, Float, Float
4688 ref. ShowRecipeMenu (craft) Form
4689   ShowSlotMachineMenu (sslm)  
4690   ShowSlotMachineMenuParams (sslmp) Casino, Min Bet, Max Bet, Max Winnings
4691   ShowBlackJackMenu (sbjm)  
4692   ShowBlackJackMenuParams (sbjmp) Casino, Min Bet, Max Bet, Max Winnings
4693   ShowRouletteMenu (srm)  
4694   ShowRouletteMenuParams (srmp) Casino, Min Bet, Max Bet, Max Winnings
4695   IsCodeRedeemed String
4696   RedeemCode String
4697   GetForceHitReaction  
4698 ref. ShowCaravanMenu (crvn) Caravan Deck, AI TYPE, BET PERCENTAGE
4699 ref. AddCardToPlayer (addcard)  
4700   GetCasinoWinningsLevel Casino
4701   SetCasinoWinningsLevel Casino, Winning Level
4702   UnlockChallenge Challenge
4703   ChallengeLocked Challenge
4704   IsPlayerInRegion Region
4705   SetCasinoCheatLevel (casinocheat) Integer
4706   GetCasinoWinningStage Casino
4707   PlaceAtReticle ObjectID, Count, MinDistance, MaxDistance
  Put an object at the reticle location
4708   PlayerInRegion Region
4709   ObjectUnderReticle MinDistance, MaxDistance
  return the object under the reticle
4710   GetChallengeCompleted Challenge
4711   RevokeCode String
4712   ShowTraitMenu (traitmenu)  
4713   SwapTextureOnRef (SwapTexture) ObjectReferenceID, String, String
4714   DisableHardcoreTracking (babby)  
4715 ref. IsAlwaysHardcore (behemoth)  
4716   RemoveRecurringFromChallenge (rrfc) Challenge
4717 ref. ResetXP (resetxp)  
4718   GetDLCCount (dlccount)  
  Returns how many DLC packages are installed.
4719   IsDLCInstalled (hasdlc) String
  Query if a particular DLC package is installed by file name or friendly display name. Takes one string as a parameter.
4720   EnableLoadingMenu Integer
  Enable or disables the loading menu
4721   IsLoadingMenuEnabled (LoadMenuCheck)  
  Checks if the loading menu is open